About TopYaps

Launched in 2011, TopYaps is India's fastest-growing, mobile-focused social news and entertainment publisher. What sets us apart from our competitors in India is our focus on data science for virality and trends prediction. We use machine learning to cluster user characteristics and related content, which helps us to create content that has significantly higher vitality and stickiness.

TopYaps by the Numbers
4 languages
15 million monthly content views
4 million monthly engagement
10 million monthly unique visitors to TopYaps.com
90 percent of unique visitors from social platforms
90 percent of traffic on mobile devices


We stand close to the time when India's creative potential is set to be unleashed in a million new ways. This disruptive creative momentum, brought by crazy-speed internet and shiny phones, needs just the right amount of technical expertise to attract the maximum possible eyeballs.

That's where LAUNCHwith comes in. Whether you're a stand-up comic, an activist, a documentary film-maker, or the next Anurag Kashyap with a DSLR: shoot your video and leave the audience engagement to us. LAUNCHwith's analytics and TopYaps communities will join together to bring you the loyal audience that you deserve.

For more, share your video link and watch the views soar!